What year is it in Heisei? Japan age finder & holiday calendar

Shōwa 60 is year 1985

People born in this year are 34 years old.

Shōwa (昭和) was the era before Heisei (平成). It started on Dec 25th, 1926, following the death of the Emperor Taisho. You can read more on Wikipedia or keep browsing on this site with the following links.

Quick Year & Age Chart

Year Local Year Age Sexagenary Cycle Chinese Zodiac
1980Shōwa 5539saruMonkey
1981Shōwa 5638toriRooster
1982Shōwa 5737inuDog
1983Shōwa 5836iPig
1984Shōwa 5935neRat
1985Shōwa 6034ushiOx
1986Shōwa 6133toraTiger
1987Shōwa 6232uRabbit
1988Shōwa 6331tatsuDragon
1989Heisei 130miSnake