What year is it in Heisei? Japan age finder & holiday calendar

Shōwa 50 is year 1975

People born in this year are 42 years old.

  • Public Holidays:

Shōwa (昭和) was the era before Heisei (平成). It started on Dec 25th, 1926, following the death of the Emperor Taisho. You can read more on Wikipedia or keep browsing on this site with the following links.

Quick Year & Age Chart

Year Local Year Age Sexagenary Cycle Chinese Zodiac
1970Shōwa 4547inuDog
1971Shōwa 4646iPig
1972Shōwa 4745neRat
1973Shōwa 4844ushiOx
1974Shōwa 4943toraTiger
1975Shōwa 5042uRabbit
1976Shōwa 5141tatsuDragon
1977Shōwa 5240miSnake
1978Shōwa 5339umaHorse
1979Shōwa 5438hitsujiGoat